Brushing off the dust

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My wonderful Macbook is sadly lacking in hard drive space, being that it only has 60gb. And when I can fill up a 2gb card on my camera in a day or two… it doesn’t take long to run out. So I bought a 120gb external hardrive. It’s a small portable one, and needs only a USB cable to run…no extra power or anything. It’s ├╝ber handy.

In the process of moving my pictures from my laptop to my new external, and also moving pictures from my backup external to my new one, I discovered some pictures that I had taken a while ago in need of ‘dusting’. So here they be.

1  2

3  4

5  6 - Me


2 Comments to “Brushing off the dust”  

  1. 1 Paul S.

    I love the photo of you with the guitar! The lighting is perfect, with just enough to still see detail on your backside. Also the background is perfect. What is it by the way? It looks like a wall missing some dark colored paint. Also, were you holding the light source, or was it bounced? I’m intrigued.

  2. 2 Jordan Ogren

    Thanks dude, this was a fun photo to take. The background is a wall in my house that was unfinished. So the two white stripes you see are sheetrock mud. The light source was just a standard lamp with the shade off, and I just placed my hands in a way so that it looked like I was holding it.

    I wanted the picture to be black and white… but when I did that, the guitar wouldn’t ‘pop’ as much. So since this was when I was a bit of a n00b at Photoshop, so a friend helped me with it by masking it all b&w except for the guitar, so that it would be in color and stand out.

    It was a cool little project.