Recently purchased a Canon Rebel T1i for my wife. UPS dropped it off today, and this is our first attempt shooting video with it. Despite that I have a Canon 5D, I might be tempted to use her camera from time to time…

Canon Rebel T1i — Trial Run from Jordan Ogren on Vimeo.

4 Comments to “Canon Rebel T1i — Trial Run”  

  1. 1 Nick Pappas

    That is very sharp! What is the resolution on the video?

  2. 2 Jordan Ogren

    I shot this using 720p. The camera does go up to Full HD (1080p) but at the cost of 10fps (1080p is 20fps, whereas 720p is 30fps).

  3. 3 dillonpic

    wow cool. my friend has the 5D MK2 and his video looks INSANE. especially with the fast L glass.

    thanks for the sample.

  4. 4 Jordan Ogren

    Thanks… I really wish my 5D was a MK2, but this T1i does alright. It’s terribly addicting to just put a fast prime on the camera, and then just sit there and focus in and out.