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So i was reminded by a picture (“alone”) that I really like photos of grain. So I dug up a few that I have taken…and decided to post them.


The mayor lent me a fire hydrant…

What did I do with it? Well here is a sneak peak….

Expect many more to come!

“Fire” Hydrant    “Fire” Hydrant 2

Produced by: Brady Whealon
Screenplay written by: Brady Whealon, Jordan Ogren, and Peter Boysen
Directed by: Jordan Ogren
Alyson Norgaard – Pyro
Chad Wardwell

Infrared Photography

A friend and photographer of mine, Brady Whealon, lent me his infrared camera to use. Needless to say…I have been having a blast… :)
For the geeks who care, the camera is a Canon D60 that has been converted to infrared.
Define the Great Line  Steeple
Key Fingers  David
Phelps Hall  WSU Courtyard

Not exactly sure of the ownership of this picture… My friend Peter Boysen may have taken it…

And finaly…the masterpiece.
Alien Land