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Execute Oracle procedure from Sql Server

This took me a while to figure out, and there wasn’t good results from Google. So here’s the answer, for those who happen to find this.

EXEC('call Schema.ProcedureName()') at LINKED_ORACLE_SERVER

Make sure you’ve enabled RPC on your linked server too.

We regret this error

I made this SSIS package a while back, and thought it was awesome at the time…

Yeeeaah… Not so much.


The DBA in the clouds

Recently in the IT blogosphere, there’s been a lot of talk about cloud computing, especially in connection with Microsoft’s new initiative Azure.  The announcement of SQL Server available in the cloud has caused some turmoil in my field of database administration. SQL Data Services will offset the responsibility of hosting, installing, configuring, and otherwise administrating the server as we are akin to. I have mostly avoided all the DBA rants regarding the prospect of loosing jobs to the SDS cloud, for the reason that is succinctly explained in the excerpt below.

Why do I think things will be fine? Because data is King. And those that know how to move data, and get data to the right people, in the right way, at the right time, will always have a job. So, maybe having your database servers in the cloud means we do not have to worry about backups, tape storage, etc. Fine, I don’t care about that piece of being a DBA anyway. But you are still going to need someone that understands the tools involved in making your systems and processes work efficiently and correctly.

The full article, found over at, is a witty (and potentially NSFW/offensive) article by a smart DBA and I highly recommend following the advice.