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Red Fox Grey Fox

Here are some photographs I shot a few weeks back of a band called Red Fox Grey Fox. They have a pretty unique sound and I enjoy them a lot. They also play a sweet live show.

Here are the piks… If you want to see more pictures from this show or hear their music, than check out their MySpace page.

1 - Red Fox Grey Fox2 - Red Fox Grey Fox

3 - Red Fox Grey Fox4 - Red Fox Grey Fox

5 - Red Fox Grey Fox6 - Red Fox Grey Fox

New Music

I updated the music page to include four songs that I wrote during the last few years. Give ‘em a listen, and give me a shout.

Brushing off the dust

My wonderful Macbook is sadly lacking in hard drive space, being that it only has 60gb. And when I can fill up a 2gb card on my camera in a day or two… it doesn’t take long to run out. So I bought a 120gb external hardrive. It’s a small portable one, and needs only a USB cable to run…no extra power or anything. It’s ├╝ber handy.

In the process of moving my pictures from my laptop to my new external, and also moving pictures from my backup external to my new one, I discovered some pictures that I had taken a while ago in need of ‘dusting’. So here they be.

1  2

3  4

5  6 - Me