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I decided that it was time for my yearly shave. Since I only do this once a year (for the last several years anyway…), I resolved to be shaved in the luxury of a barber’s chair. Hoping for hot towels, lather, and a straight razor, I googled “Winona Barber Shop” and the first result was Tom’s. I gave Tom a call, and he confirmed that old fashion shaves were available and said that he had an opening at 4:30. Tom was an accommodating fellow, and very handy with his clippers. I’m pleased with the result.


Sans Beard

*Only three people have ever cut my hair that I can recall. My Grandfather (once), My Father (until I was 16), and Myself.


My wife and I saw the band Mutemath on October 17th at First Avenue in Minneapolis, MN.

it. was. phenomenal.

We had decided to participate in Mutemath’s budding VIP experience (Free t-shirts, albums, first-in-line passes, etc…), and one of the perks allowed me to acquire a photographer’s pass to the show. The VIP tickets also let us into the venue 30 minutes before doors opened. As a result, we got awesome spots up front.

Now back to the phenomenal part; Mutemath puts on an incredible performance. It’s a team of very talented musicians, sound and lighting engineers, stage hands, and event coordinators working together to put on a show that’s nothing short of cinematic. As a musician, I can attest to the practically perfect performance (yea alliteration); the few errors that did occur were seamless and handled with creativity.

Below are some of my favorite photographs from the show. If you want to see the full set, check them out on Flickr.

Mutemath - 1Mutemath - 2
Mutemath - 3Mutemath - 4
Mutemath - 5Mutemath - 6
Mutemath - 7Mutemath - 8

[This post is part of my unclogged project.]

Here are my photographs from our last day in Hawaii on the island of Kaua’i.

Crabs - face to face
Sea Foam
Mother and sister.
Wave breaker
My father, Paul Ogren.
My father, surfing.
Boogie Boarding