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[This post is part of my unclogged project.]

The last two days of the cruise where spent at the island of Kaua’i. Of all the days and locations on the trip, I enjoyed Kaua’i the most. If you ever decide to take a trip to Hawaii, I would highly recommend Marriott’s Kaua’i Beach Club. It’s located on the beach of a beautiful cove with access to great surfing, and a smattering of fun shops and vendors.

The main reason I appreciated Kaua’i was the dynamic terrain. A tropical mountain island with a large canyon branching out through the center. Dusty ridges accompanied by jungle valleys. Waterfalls, beaches, cliffs, and winding roads. Lots to see in such a small place.

Here are some photographs of our trek around the island.

Welcome to...
My father, Paul Ogren
Waimea Canyon
Towards the edge
Canyon to left, Ocean to the right.
Driving past a church...
My brother, Skylar Ogren
Muddy surf
Under the pier

Swimming with grey spinner dolphins

[This post is part of my unclogged project.]

On the 5th day of our trip we docked in the port of Kona. At Kona, a friend of a friend of a friend of my father’s had boat and took us out to find dolphins and go snorkeling.

Paul Ogren
Dorsal fins
My mother and sister
My dad
My brother Skylar
Grey Spinner Dolphin
Dolphins and divers
The pod

This species of dolphins are called Spinners because they tend to do lots of acrobatic displays when they jump out of the water. Despite the fact that they did this often, it proved difficult to photograph, as the jump only lasted 1 second, and it was hard to predict where and when they would leap from the water. Here’s my best effort.
This is why they are called Spinners.

Maui: sand!

[This post is part of my unclogged project.]

We’ve found sand! We had to walk a mile from the ship to get to this beach.
Finally, we are here.
Dad and Merritt
Skylar Ogren