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Maui: sunrise

[This post is part of my unclogged project.]

First morning in Hawaii. I was still used to central standard time (-6:00 GMT), so by 4:30am in Hawai’ian time (-10:00 GMT) I could no longer sleep and got out of bed; the sun didn’t rise until about 5:50am.


My brother Merritt thinks it’s early…
Merritt Ogren

Honolulu, Hawaii

[This post is part of my unclogged project.]

This past June, my grandparents took my family, my aunts and uncles, my cousins – and themselves – on a cruise around the islands of Hawaii. The occasion of this trip was their 50 years of marriage, and all of us were very excited to celebrate with them (who wouldn’t?).

This first set of pictures was taken as we landed at the Honolulu Airport and boarded the ship.

Skylar Ogren
My Brother, Skylar.

Alison Ogren
My Mother.

Todd Patel
My Uncle.

Port in Honolulu, HI
Sunrise, Muai, HI



This year has been filled with many events and responsibilities – Full-time employment, school, graduation, trip to Hawaii, marriage, moving – all of these are great; and all of these have helped contribute to a backlog of several thousand, unsorted, unedited, unblogged photographs. Over the last month I have removed the un’s from the aforementioned photographs, resulting in over one hundred that I’d like to show to you. These photographs are of my trip to Hawaii, my marriage, honeymoon, and various other things that I have seen during the last 6 months.

Starting with this post, I am going to begin posting several photographs every day; making up for all the posts I should have made earlier this year.

Don’t be shy – I welcome your thoughts, critique, and compliments – I’d love for you to comment.

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Now, enough of the shameless advertising. Here’s one more photograph…

This is my friend Joe Derse, and his mother; he graduated this May.

Joe Derse & mother