Customize the Leopard Dock

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The dock hacks have continued beyond the initial discovery of the no-glass look. It has been discovered that the dock is a set of .png files, so get Photoshop warmed up, cause this is going to be fun.

To find the current set of dock images navigate to:
ctrl click on and select “Show Package Contents”.
Then Navigate to:
Then dig through folder to find these 4 .png’s:

Now drag a copy of them to your desktop, whip them into Photoshop, and create your own custom dock.

After you have something wickedly awesome, make a backup of the original files, and then copy the edited ones into the Resources folder to replace the standard ones. Restart the dock with the terminal command killall Dock, and you should be all good to go.

My personal favorite customization, so far, is the smoke dock… which is sadly no longer available, though it wouldn’t be the hardest thing to make in Photoshop. Here is what it once looked like: One of my friends downloaded the .png’s for the ‘smoke dock’ before the site went down. I will try to get them up here.

Here are some other ideas for it:

If you make a cool design for the dock and want to share, link to me or drop me a comment, and I will add your link/site/design to the ones listed here. :)

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