I decided that it was time for my yearly shave. Since I only do this once a year (for the last several years anyway…), I resolved to be shaved in the luxury of a barber’s chair. Hoping for hot towels, lather, and a straight razor, I googled “Winona Barber Shop” and the first result was Tom’s. I gave Tom a call, and he confirmed that old fashion shaves were available and said that he had an opening at 4:30. Tom was an accommodating fellow, and very handy with his clippers. I’m pleased with the result.


Sans Beard

*Only three people have ever cut my hair that I can recall. My Grandfather (once), My Father (until I was 16), and Myself.

3 Comments to “In which Jordan goes to a Barber for the first time in his life”  

  1. 1 Sky

    I have to say that you look most excellent with the sans beard format :)

  2. 2 Matt

    Looking sharp, what does the Mrs. think?

  3. 3 Jordan Ogren

    She doesn’t really care for the clean look, but does prefer a shorter beard. :)