Long Day

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Yesterday (Fri) was a long day. I had gotten a good amount of sleep, but I still had trouble waking that morning. I got to work late, and spent the morning reading boring information about SQL Server maintenance scripts and SSIS (those terms probably shoudln’t mean anything to you…don’t worry, I just have a geeky job). By the time 11:30 rolled around, I was feeling very blah.

Things picked up a little, cause we had free food for lunch at work. Then I went to my other job on campus, and sat in my studio for a little while. My fellow coworker and I started to move some stuff around in the studio, cause it has been a mess since we inherited it, and is desperately in need of cleaning.

At 13:00 I went to take pictures at a candle light vigil that was being held for Jared Stene, the president of the WSU student senate, who died Thursday night due to a sudden kidney & liver failure. Let’s just say that it was awkward. Events like these are what remind me why I am not going to be a photojournalist. I don’t have a problem taking pictures in awkward or intense situations, but I want to have a personal connection to the situation, and not just be a vulture. So that event kinda added to the blah feeling.


At 15:00 I went to my news writing class, and then remembered that it was an optional class day. There wasn’t anyone there but my professor, so I ended up talking to her for the duration of the class period, which was a nice break.


By 16:30 I was feeling really tired and slightly despondent… And I wasn’t sure why. So I decided to hang out with my friend Peter Boysen. I spent the rest of the evening chilling with him, talking and doing some random stuff. That brought me out of my funk, which was cool.

I then went home sometime after 22:00, and visited with my grandparents who have come to visit for my younger siblings birthdays. And then I tried to go to sleep a little after 23:00.

And I kept trying… but kept becoming more and more awake… (I think this may have been partially due to my brother’s chainsaw snoring). Finally at 01:00 I was wider awake than I had been all day (or all yesterday I guess), so I got up. I had left all of my stuff (computer, camer bag, etc..) at work, and the only thing I had brought home was my 20D. So I sat and took pictures in low light till I was tired again.

3 - Me  4

5  6

Man… It was a long day.

7 - Me

One Comment to “Long Day”  

  1. 1 Paul

    Seems we all have those days when were most awake at 2 in the morning, sometimes it’s the most annoying thing ever, but at least you got something out of it ;)

    Nice job with the long exposures.