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—————-Good Luck and Godspeed—————-

It’s a post rock band; I am in it (Keys). So is Peter Boysen (Guitar, Lead Vox), Randal Kline (Bass), and Joel Sutton (Drums).

Check us out here:


LoPez is the creation of Peter Boysen and I. It is an attempt to break through musical boundaries and genres to create something fresh and current. It is a desire to create music that is electronic, but that sounds acoustic and organic in nature.

LoPez’s new self-titled EP is now available for download from the Amazon MP3 and iTunes music stores!

Buy it here: Amazon MP3 | iTunes

Peter and I spent 72 hours locked in a studio birthing this new EP and we are pleased with the results.

Tragedy is a Beautiful Lie , created in 2007 and LoPez’s first album, was originally intended as an EP, but with the rapid flow of musical ideas and the ease with which it is created digitally, it has since evolved into a full-length work, featuring simple, moody pieces and large epic motions. Elaborate textures create an experience that borders on ambient, and yet each piece fits into a larger picture that progresses the story and feel of the album.

Check out our album on Amazon MP3 and iTunes, and download our older music below. If you enjoy it, share it with a friend or two.


—————-Jordan Ogren—————-

Here are some random songs that I have written and recorder over the past few years. Give them a listen and if you enjoy the music, share my website with your friends.