I just acquired a Pentax 645 Medium format camera(it’s an older camera that’s been hanging around at work) and am planning to do some shooting with it. It comes with a decent arsenal of lenses, a 150mm f3.5, a 75mm f2.8, a 55mm f2.8, and a 35mm f3.5. Loads of fun are sure to be had.

I will mostly be shooting in black and white, using Fuji NeoPan 400ISO film, but because I was anxious to use the camera yesterday, I grabbed a roll of Kodak Porta 160nc (color) to start with. To get a feel camera, I set it up in my studio and shot some self-portraits using the help of my friend Alyson, because the Pentax doesn’t have a timed shutter release. I used a lighting angle similar to one that my friend Peter likes to use, and the 55mm for a little bit of a wide angle feel. I’ll have to get my film developed before you or I get to see them, but they should turn out well.

Here are some decent test shots that I took with my 20D, just to give you a taste.
Self Portrait  Self Portrait