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October’s portraits (and other misc pics)

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Over the last month I have shot 500+ photographs for work, school, and me. While this amount may seem mild to some, it is definitely a large increase for me. That being said, I have had to organize a lot more pictures and have had a harder time finding a moment to put pictures up here.

I am a photographer for Winona State University’s Communication Dept. (PR), and my work entails covering events on campus, taking publicity shots, and fulfilling other various photography needs. I generally take lots of candid pictures for work, so it has been fun developing that skill. For my Photo Communication class, I usually have a project to work on every other week. So I am continually on the lookout for subject matter that fits my assignment. (The ‘Fire’ Hydrant pictures were for a class project).

Because it has been awhile since I uploaded any pictures, I decided to gather some of my best shots from this month. Most of them are portraits and candids, though there are a few landscape photos in there too.

Anyway…I’m going to attempt to upload things more regularly… we shall see. Anyway, Enjoy!

1-20071024-1838591.jpg   The Owls Nest   3-20071020-204430.jpg


5-20071012-153545.jpg   6-20071012-153244.jpg   7-20071012-153021.jpg

   9-20071012-150658.jpg   Alyson

Abbie   Mr. McCarther

Sarah   Alyson

Beth   Peter

Self Portrait    

Self Portrait