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I decided that it was time for my yearly shave. Since I only do this once a year (for the last several years anyway…), I resolved to be shaved in the luxury of a barber’s chair. Hoping for hot towels, lather, and a straight razor, I googled “Winona Barber Shop” and the first result was Tom’s. I gave Tom a call, and he confirmed that old fashion shaves were available and said that he had an opening at 4:30. Tom was an accommodating fellow, and very handy with his clippers. I’m pleased with the result.


Sans Beard

*Only three people have ever cut my hair that I can recall. My Grandfather (once), My Father (until I was 16), and Myself.



This year has been filled with many events and responsibilities – Full-time employment, school, graduation, trip to Hawaii, marriage, moving – all of these are great; and all of these have helped contribute to a backlog of several thousand, unsorted, unedited, unblogged photographs. Over the last month I have removed the un’s from the aforementioned photographs, resulting in over one hundred that I’d like to show to you. These photographs are of my trip to Hawaii, my marriage, honeymoon, and various other things that I have seen during the last 6 months.

Starting with this post, I am going to begin posting several photographs every day; making up for all the posts I should have made earlier this year.

Don’t be shy – I welcome your thoughts, critique, and compliments – I’d love for you to comment.

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Now, enough of the shameless advertising. Here’s one more photograph…

This is my friend Joe Derse, and his mother; he graduated this May.

Joe Derse & mother


1 - Self2

3 - Andy Hamilton