Wedding Ring

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Today Fed-Ex delivered a long awaited package. A month ago I ordered a second ring from Reflective Images, a jewelry studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The artists, at Reflective Images, handcraft some amazing jewelry and I have been very thrilled with the rings. The first ring I purchased was an engagement ring for Alyson (my fiancée). I wanted a unique ring, so I spent some time searching for a jeweler that had the right style. I found Reflective Images and their wedding ring site, and they had exactly what I wanted.

I decided on the Continuous Garden Gate design and bought the narrow wedding band to use as the engagement ring. When I presented Alyson with the ring, she was surprised and ecstatic. For the wedding ring, we choose the same style with the addition of a 1/4 caret diamond. As you can see below, it’s pretty stunning. (Alyson, purchased me a wider ring, of the same style, with no diamonds.)

I really appreciate the helpful, friendly service and the incredible artistry of the people at Reflective Images.

Below are some quick shots (the close-ups are reverse macro) I took before the sun set. I’ll probably borrow a friend‘s light box/tent sometime in the near future and use it to shoot some super sharp pictures of the rings.

Wedding RingWedding Ring - reverse macro
Wedding Ring MacroWedding Ring